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At Schrott-Bosch, metal waste from all over southern Germany is collected, brought together, and then treated and reprocessed in a resource-saving manner.

With our highly specialised technology and qualified and trained employees, we return your metal waste and scrap to the economic cycle as secondary raw materials after complex processing and separation under strict quality requirements.

As far as environmental protection and legally compliant recycling and disposal logistics are concerned, you can rely on us 100%. Feel free to contact us and try it out. Feel free to contact us and try it out.

Both sites in Dettingen and Deizisau are certified in accordance with § 56 ff of the German waste recycling act (KrWG). This entitles us to use the designation “Specialist Disposal Company” and “Certified Shredder Plant”. This entitles us to use the designation “Specialist Disposal Company” and “Certified Shredder Plant”.

  • Sustainable recycling of scrap and metals and their return to the raw material cycle – our contribution to active environmental protection.
  • Partnership and competent cooperation with industry, trade and foundries.
  • Reliability in order processing and smooth disposal by trained specialist personnel.
  • Trust and transparency in pricing.
  • Long-term customer loyalty to enable “growing along” and appropriate adaptation.
  • Family business for over 70 years with 5 locations in southern Germany
  • Certified waste management company
  • Individual disposal service always geared to customer wishes and needs
  • Transport, handling, destruction and processing of various scrap, metals, cables, chips and large machinery equipment
  • Training company and regular further training of our employees


Certification and environmental protection.

Contaminated scrap and chips are stored in our special chip storage facilities. This enables us to ensure high environmental protection requirements
in the interests of our customers and the environment. The construction of the floors in our factories is based on the most up to date knowledge in the field.

Here you can find our current waste management company certificate – it is available for download below.



  • 2019

    Introduction of truck telematics with transport order processing

  • 2017

    Conversion of the shredder dedusting system from wet to dry dedusting with additional activated carbon filter system

  • 2016

    Renewal of the shear stand on the scrap shear

  • 2008

    Installation of radiation detectors at all locations.

  • 2007

    Construction of a new 3-storey administration building with adjoining warehouse.

  • 2005

    Conversion of the “old” shredder system to a Lindemann Power-Zerdirator with 920 kW output.

  • 2004

    Participation in Albert Gogel GmbH

  • 2003

    Expansion of the non-ferrous separation plant to include an induction sorting system.

  • 1999

    Commissioning of the baling press at the Deizisau site with bale dimensions of 40 x 40 cm.

  • 1998

    Inauguration of the newly built Plant II in Deizisau with a connection to the European waterway network for vessels up to 2000 t and an 800 t scrap shear.

  • 1997

    Acquisition of the industrial site in Deizisau, with an area of 24,000 square metres and connection to the European waterway network.

  • 1996

    Construction of a non-ferrous separation plant for the further treatment of the shredder products.

  • 1993

    Construction of a 630 t scrap shear.

  • 1989

    Construction of the shredder system with an output of 499 kW.

  • 1982

    Acquisition of a former flange factory and establishment of the Kabel-Bosch GmbH plant in Kirchheim.

  • 1978

    Takeover of the Carl Wachter company, Im Güterbahnhof, Göppingen. This gave rise to Schwäbische Metallverwertung GmbH as an independent company.

  • 1974

    Construction of the first scrap shears in the district.

  • 1970

    Founding of Schrott-Bosch GmbH. The shareholders are Ernst Bosch and his sons Günter and Peter.

  • 1966

    Establishment of today’s parent company in Dettingen on an area of approx. 2 ha, right next to the A8.

  • 1962

    Storage area in Kirchheim unter Teck at the exit of the motorway.

  • 1953

    Official permit for retail trade in base metals. Ernst Bosch leases a warehouse in Kirchheim unter Teck for his flourishing 2-man business.

  • 1948

    Ernst Bosch disposes of the war scrap at the Münsingen military training area.


with Schrott-Bosch.

Schrott-Bosch as an employer

Schrott-Bosch GmbH has existed at the foot of the beautiful Swabian Alb for more than 50 years and is now in its 3rd generation.

A modern and future-oriented, medium-sized, shredding company, it has created a solid name for itself within the scrap and recycling industry.

All doors are open to our employees at Schrott-Bosch. We value initiative and teamwork.

With us you can develop your skills and create a healthy basis for your individual career.

We look forward to your application.



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Schrott-Bosch GmbH

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